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Originally Posted by Blackcat31 View Post
It’s nice that your state is aware of costs and raises the reimbursement rates accordingly

My state is so far below average rates that even the cheapest program in the state is still higher that reimbursement rates.

I just make sure to tell families that it’s called “assistance” not “coverage” so expecting the state to cover all fees is unrealistic
Some areas haven't changed for several years though. We have several towns in our county that haven't had raises for state paid children in 4+ years. Some of the providers are calling discrimination because they feel if other areas can get raises they should be able to also. We are the biggest "city" in our county so we received a raise.

How are state does it, is they take survey's from providers on what they charge for care and then average it out from there. Then what ever zip code code you fall in, those are the rates you charge to state clients. A-being the highest, B-the next highest and C-the lowest. C areas are the ones that haven't had raises in 4+ years. My area (B) only went up $35 I believe in the last four years.
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