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Default Weaning from Pacifier

My littlest son is 2.5.

Daycare told me they'd like to work together to get him off his pacifier at naps. I've been putting it off because he sleeps pretty well with it, but it's time.

So I've never done this before. My older son didn't take a pacifier very long and refused it around 3/4 months.

I mentioned to daycare I am on board with a cold turkey approach, but they suggested that it doesn't really work. How do you slowly take it?

After we left daycare we talked about it, and he seemed like he was ready to not have it at bedtime. We made a sticker chart and the pacifier went away, and he went to bed and was FINE...

Until a few hours later he woke up completely distraught and inconsolable and I gave it back and we're going to try again tonight. Will this eventually work? I told daycare how it went and asked them to try nap today without it....

What do you think?
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