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If you want to do the cold turkey then you can do it like friday night and say here, no more paci on monday morning at daycare because it should only take a few hard days and the weekend should be sufficient for that method the daycare doesn't get a choice your mom
But if you want to wean and keep the paci as a security item yo can cut the tip of it down so he can't suck on it but still had it to hold as security and he will get the hint eventually and eventually not want it. IF its like one paci he really likes. if he doesn't care and just wants any pacifier that probably won't work he will scream until he gets one he can suck on.
Ive never heard of a stick chart method.
id def start restricting it to like only nap and/or bedtime if that hasn't already been done. the daycare can help with that.
Good luck!
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