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Originally Posted by Blackcat31 View Post
I am in the camp of not removing a security item until a child wants to.

I do however, limit them to when and where they can have said security item but I don't care if a child chooses to have one until they are adults....

I believe it's somewhat cruel and unfair.

I limit use of a security or comfort item to the calm down spot and to rest time. If a child chooses to sit in the calm down spot for most the morning using their comfort item, they can.

Kids have very little control over things in their lives and the things they cling to for comfort and/or security are essential to their well being and mental health in my honest opinion.

IF you're doing it, go cold turkey. I do not think 2.5 yo's, regardless of how smart they are, truly comprehend 'sometimes'. The binky fairy just came to my dck's house and took ALLLL the binkies to give them to other babies who needed them. The binky fairy left new bedtime stories and a new stuffed animal for bedtime.
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