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This just literally came up in my daycare yesterday. I have 2 1/2 year old dcb who has used a pacifier since he started. I also only allow them at nap time at this age.
Well yesterday nap time came and there was no pacifier in his bag, I was pretty sure dad accidentally left it in his truck. I was really worried about him not doing well without it because if I accidentally forget to give it to him going down he'll whine says binky. So yesterday I explained to him that it wasn't in his bag and I had him go with me and look, well he did great, he just said it was in daddys truck. So I told mom and she asked if we should keep trying that and I said sure. So today again, I said oops no binky in your backpack, we went and looked and he said nothing and went to sleep no problem. , not sure how it was so easy but this one was.
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