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Originally Posted by CalCare View Post
I'm another for not removing when they aren't ready. That would be the approach taught in ECE classes I attended. I was pretty surprised at a thread I was reading one time, where several providers where saying they just take it away without even discussing it with parents. Because they (providers) just didn't believe the child should have the paci at that age. Everyone has different views! I'm happy for you, and him, that the center did talk to you instead of just taking it from him!
He definitely associates it with sleep. When he was an infant, he was a wonderful sleeper (opposite of my other child) and I didn't want to do anything that would disrupt that (take away his pacifier).

Now, he is not a great sleeper, but taking away the pacifier might make him worse. He was very distraught when he woke up last night and didn't have it.
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