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Question Do You Do Weekend Care?

I am wanting to do weekend care, but I have a few questions that hopefully someone here can help me with.

Do you do drop in or do contract those hours?
Do you have a weekend handbook or use your regular handbook?

My thoughts was to do contracted hours for the weekend, this way I will always know who is coming and what time and also the amount I will be paid each weekend.

Weekend care must be paid on the previous Saturday for the next weekend. And I would do a small handbook for my weekend care.

Then if I had openings that were not filled a parent could be a drop in, but would let the parent know if I get a contract for weekends, then I would not have room for them.

I was thinking about charging $25.00 a day for 9 hours my regular rates are $21.00 a day.

What does everyone think??
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