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Why would anyone defend a crappy day care by being "sarcastic and honest"? I guess they can't stand hearing the opinion that 'christians' frequently portray themselves as holier-than-thou and conduct their business accordingly.
Why would anyone make such generalizations about how an entire group of people that may/may not believe identically to them wouldn't possibly operate a daycare properly? Before you start throwing stones, consider the Holier than Thou complaint you just had... And I never defended anyone. Re-read.

That "forget your prescription?" comment is a good example. I bet the poster is a good christian.
Again, tell me- What does one have to do with the other? To me you sound like either an entitled teenager who has never been told "no", or a judgemental ignoramus with no idea how to streamline a thought to present an argument. Not going to guess which.

I'm not saying ALL church day cares are bad, but THIS crappy one is a glaring example if hypocrisy.
I cannot tell which comments are yours since you haven't bothered to identify yourself, but I will humbly assume that this gem was yours: "Church day cares are a RACKET to make money. And they call themselves christians? They should be banned. Oh and if you're tempted to enroll in one because they are cheaper than 'secular' facilities, well, you get what you pay for. Mean people (especially those posing as god-fearing christians) suck. "
That's comedy gold, right there. It would be very sad if it were true. I equate that comment to something like "Ugly people are annoying to look at. And they call themselves humans? They should be banned. Oh and if you're tempted to speak to one because they are friendlier than 'beautiful' people, well, you get what you deserve. Ugly people (especially those posing as good-looking humans) suck. "

"Religious exemption" from oversight is just plain wrong. Period. The original poster pointed out the facility was run by a church, she was wise enough to see through their charade.
Again, running a daycare poorly does not make you a Christian. It makes you a horrible facility. Being a Christian does not make you a horrible Daycare provider. It makes you, well, that's another conversation.

REPORT the facility! Don't trust them to do the right thing just because they claim to be 'christian'. Truth hurts.
I agree with this entirely. I think you made a little breakthrough here: you figured out one has nothing to do with the other! Good on you.
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