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This is child abuse!!!! The other employees are allowing her as well as you are, to let her go on doing this!!!!! By not saying anything at all she will continue to hurt innocent children! My God what would you do if this was YOUR child????? I swear I would rip her a new one ! If I EVER saw ANYONE abuse a child in any way so God help them and I do not care about what would happen to me! These are innocent children. Gifts from God!

A child should never be afraid of someone who is supposed to be nurturing and caring for them! My heart hurts thinking of this!

You were informed that the pastor would side with her so that means that you were talking with someone else?? So you and this person are allowing this to go on!

Maybe you should talk to the RIGHT people about this.

You are not looking to get fired? You feel that you need to be protecting these kids? If you are looking to protect these children then speak up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe you should send a note to her!

And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew 18:5

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