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I didn't want you to think you were being ignored. I'm sure Tom will be around soon to answer. I will give you the info I know. Sales tax is only charged on goods, not labor as far as I know.

So, let's say I went to Sam's and bought a dozen packs of diaper wipes and since I had a tax exempt certificate and intended to resell them, I wouldn't pay tax at Sam's Club. Then, on Monday, I sold each parent a pack of diaper wipes. In that case, I would charge them tax. Sales tax is only paid once, either when I buy it or when I sell it.

In child care, generally you are not receiving money for anything except the labor of caring for kids. You aren't selling goods, so no tax.

I don't pay any type of city tax in my town, and I don't recall hearing it mentioned in any of Tom's books. Don't take this part as gospel though. Just because I've never heard of it doesn't mean some town in Texas isn't doing it. I would be very surprised though.
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