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We had a seminar on abuse and this was a big part of it. At the centre where I worked their was an autistic child who had the same underwear on for 4 days in a row! I immediately told my boss and the girl had different underwear the next day. Laziness or "fights" with a child are no excuse for neglect.

In this situation I would either wash the socks myself with laundry I am already doing (like bins and wash cloths) or I would change the socks when they got here, put the dirties in a bag to be washed at home. I would just say something like "bettys socks are needing to be washed so I popped them in a bag for you...she has dc socks on right now so you can return them tomorrow" or something to that effect.

It really depends on the parent. I had a parent who sent their child in a filthy snowsuit...and I mean FILTHY. I ended up washing it myself because I knew mom would do nothing and I felt like there might have been some depression/neglect going on.
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