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Default Another Holiday $$$$$

What are you doing this year with the kids for Easter?

Quite honestly I’m tired of the holidays that end up costing me megabucks!

I ordered a book about the risen Jesus… i’m happy to do that!

But the Easter bunny is on my last nerve. I have a few part-time kids so I feel like I need to have two Easter egg hunts so they will both be in on the fun. But on the other hand… Won’t the parents bring them on an Easter egg hunt? Why should I… Or we… Feel we should supply Easter eggs, the candy that goes inside and the basket? I have done this every year… But I’m beginning to wonder why.

What are you doing? When I was raising my kids every holiday was a simple holiday. They did not get a ton of Christmas gifts, they had one Easter egg hunt and we would give them one Easter egg basket basket with a little candy and maybe a rabbit. It seems like these days everything is so hyped up!

I just want to bring back this simple. My check book is suffering.
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