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Haha I posted a similar topic a few days ago. My problem is I am just not in the mood to do all this stuff anymore, and YES, the money part of it is killing me too. I had a good-sized dc party for Halloween(an Autumn fest type thing), invited everybody and a few former dcfs. Had fun. But it took a lot of work and $$$$ on my part. I'm so done with it all. Ever since then, I haven't felt like doing anything. I do crafts for holidays, bought them a book for Valentine's Day, gifts at Christmas. I thought about getting them each a book for Easter but then I thought, no. I just cannot do this anymore. We'll do some crafts this week and maybe have cupcakes or something on Friday.
I've been doing pretty good at staying out of Walmart and away from the Dollar Tree because my money flows freely in both those stores. My gift to them is going to be loving them the best I can and providing them all with a safe, fun, loving home away from home. Parents can buy them all the stuff they want.
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