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I give a Christmas gift to each child (always a book) as well as a Mother's Day and Father's day gift (made by the children) to the parents.

That's it.

I have themed curriculum and I do incorporate the holidays into that. I make themed learning trays, sensory tables, etc. But, I don't give gifts for St. Patrick's Day, Easter, etc. I agree with PP - that stuff is for home.

And TBH, as a parent I wish my child's teacher wouldn't gift stuff for holidays like that. It's too much. Too much candy, too much stuff and too much expectation on the child's part to get "rewards" for doing stuff that should already be expected of her.

Return your homework calendar on time? Get a trip to the treasure chest.

Answer a math problem correctly? Get a jelly bean.

Sit properly during circle? Get an Oreo.

The leprechaun came to the classroom? He left you with a candy filled hat one day and a candy treat bag the next.

Cupid came to the classroom? He left you with candy hearts, plastic crap...oh and you get a treat bag from your classmates too?

It results in too much stuff.
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