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We are doing practice hunts this year too. One of my kids went into great detail about how the eggs had candy, stickers, coins, etc. I just told her that was how it was done at home, but here, we had to practice hunting so that they would be ready for Easter. We will have a scavenger hunt on Friday. They will follow a bunny path around the house with clues leading to a small Easter basket for each of them. I just have 3, so it is no big deal. I didn't do the scavenger hunt last year, I saved all of the clues and rabbits from the previous year, so all I need is some masking tape to stick it up. The baskets have lots of plastic grass, and couple of pieces of chocolate, some bubbles left over from something or other, and a small Dollar Tree thing. I might make cookies if I feel like it. I can give them some goldfish on a different plate, and if I smile and laugh and sing Easter songs, they consider it a great party!!!
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