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Default Why the Outbursts?

Logged out for privacy. Dcg is fine at drop offs, but pick ups are kinda crazy. She refuses to leave my house. Itís strange though. I get these vibes that she doesnít always like it at my house. It takes a lot of guidance from me to get her to listen to me. She will sneak and do things. Itís like if itís not her idea to do something, she simply doesnít want to do it. She shared with me how happy she was about getting a present from Gma and gpa. When I asked her to share it with one of the other children (thinking it was something she might like to share), she wouldnít and then acted out a little. I didnít tell her she HAD to, but for some reason stuff like that causes her to act out. She is very strong willed as well. When mom or another family member picks her up, she runs and hides, throws fits, tries to prolong the stay. It takes forever for them to get her out the door. Finally, Ive just taken it into my hands and would find her, take her by hand to the door and put on her shoes. This last time though on the way out, she grabbed a toy and bit it hard enough to break it in anger? In defeat? I donít really know? Im mostly just Concerned about the reason behind the behavior. It puzzles me. Dcm tells me that she loves it here??? She is 4.
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