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Oh also, i watched this child before but they moved. Now they are back and I was hoping the behavior would change because she was older. She is still the same.
Things that happened on that day:
1. In the morning I announced that my room was off limits because she got into trouble in that room the day before. (Probably should have established that earlier )
2. Had to warn her that she needs to listen to me or go to time out several times. She was doing flips on my daughters bottom loft bunk bed rail. I told her that she could not do that, then caught her doing it again.
3. She also lost a privilege because she disobeyed repeatedly during nap time.
4. The breaking of the toy in my daughters room at pick up.

Iím also watching her baby sibling so grandma is trying to gather the baby and things and is hollering for her to come to her which is why I started getting her for them since she runs and hides.
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