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As I've learned from Nannyde, she's trying to figure out who is in charge when there are 2 authority figures in one place. You just have to control the situation if they won't. If that means picking her up and carrying her to the door and telling her and her adult goodbye or removing a toy from her hand, do it. I have a 4 year old who loves to play around in the side room (where pick up and drop off happen). I just tell her when her Mom pulls in "remember, we don't play at pick up. I have things to do and it's time for you to go home." If she starts acting crazy, I remind her that it's not playtime. If she continues, I hand Mom the bag and tell them I'll see them in the morning and head back into the daycare room.

DCM is horribly distractable and wants to have an hour long conversation (which is one of the reasons I moved pick up and drop off to the side room), so I just say" well, I need to get back to the other kids" or "okay then, I need to get to the store", etc.
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