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Originally Posted by Blackcat31 View Post
What do her parents or the adult picking her up do when she runs amok and doesn't listen?

Sounds like this child runs the show and simply doesn't like being told what to do.

She is in charge and when you try to take control she shows you it's not what she is used to.

At 4 she knows full well what your expectations are and if it were me, I'd start reducing her privileges at daycare until she can show you she can follow instructions.

She'll pick up really quickly what appropriate behavior is when an adult instructs you to do something.
Bingo! I have the same issue with a sibling set. The transition to home is my daily problem area. Just anticipating going home sends them into defiant, anxious crazies. At home they rule the roost. At my house I am in charge. Just the other day the boy, also 4, was telling me he loved me and loved coming to my house. Then when mom was in my porch he was licking out his tongue at me and giving me dirty looks. I told him off in front of mom (because mom does nothing) and then the next day I took away a priviledge (I had moved his cot to another area as a favour to him so it got moved back) Guess who changed attitude at pickup yesterday?
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