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I am far from unbiased as i currently foster a child with sbs. I know serveral caregivers of kids with sbs, and convictions and jail time far and few between.

In milder cases, I can se where there is room for error and misdiagnoses. It really doesn’t take that much force to causebbrain damage.

In my little dudes case, it was enough for him to lose half—-50% ——of his brain. The mri’s are heartbreaking.He is a happy baby, but at over 2yo he is still...a baby. He is blind, can’t sit stand or crawl, and has seizures daily. He is currently sitting (supported ) on the floor with me, vocalizing happily while getting fed via a feeding tube.

I have no doubt he was abused, very likely shaken. 2 years later and no one has been arrested, doubtful anyone will at this point unless someone confesses.
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