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Originally Posted by LeslieG View Post
Started a new dck who is almost 3 years old and has never been in daycare before or around other kids for that matter. Boy is he a lot of work!! He also has a speech delay, which doesn't help.

We are on day 2 and my sister (and daycare partner) already feel like it's not going to work out. Does it really take 2 weeks to know??
I've had that kid!
For me, whether I keep the child or not depends on the family! I'm willing to put in the extra work only if I see that the parents are fully cooperating with me, not at home (don't care to even discuss what goes on at home, I already have the idea) but from the minute they pull in my driveway, till the minute they leave at the end of each day, it's my way or no way!
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