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Originally Posted by AskingforAdvices View Post
Thank you. I did not know there was a an agency you could report them to. I would look into it. Thanks.
You are welcome! If you need assistance in locating a more local agency to report to, please feel free to post your location (state/county) and someone can probably point you in the right direction.

Originally Posted by AskingforAdvices View Post
You are absolutely right. But I was hoping there was a way to call out the the people creating the issue and have them punished (suspension for staff member for example, the center talking to The kidís parents, etc.) that might make them reflect, stop, or even leave.
The best way to punish anyone that has done anything illegal or against licensing regulations is to report them.

I understand your wish for them to reflect, stop and/or realize what they are doing is wrong but I honestly wouldn't focus any time and energy trying to do that if it means continuing to leave my child in the care of people you aren't sure will even listen or care about changing.

Originally Posted by AskingforAdvices View Post
l say, l will move him if l have to. I am not against it. I was hoping l will find a solution (that of course will be good for my child) without having to change center as they are the only place 30 minutes minimum around us. I use an uber daily for 1hr drive. It is not that bad ( l still have to get my license here), but the other one is 50min-1hr from me.
I am not prioritizing money or my little comfort over my child as you seem to believe, but if there is any way to make things easier and not pay 2hrs uber ride everyday (and my daily classes ride or errands is not even added), well l will look into it. If necessary l could stop classes until he can talk which l probably should have done. I just was not expecting such thing happening at a care center. Never imagined it was possible.
Please do not misunderstand what I said. I did not say you were prioritizing money or anything over the well being of your child, I simply stated that none of that matters when it comes to deciding to remove your child from a harmful environment. Clearly you value your child's well being or you wouldn't have sought out advice in the first place.
I don't doubt your concern or your priorities.

I just hate seeing anything feel that they are "stuck" due to location, cost or whatever else...

Originally Posted by AskingforAdvices View Post
Thanks for your contribution. It is highly appreciated

And sorry if you felt like much of what l said was not related. I thought details might be needed so people get a better understanding. Such as the explanation l added above. But reading some other posts, it seems that it is not the way to do things. For me it seemed normal.
It's hard to take in so many details in one post.... and although many of them may be important and relevant to your complaint to the licensing agency, I didn't see any of them as factors that would cause me to change the advice I posted....

For me, I read, your child is being abused.
The solution in my mind is remove him immediately from that environment and do not return.

It IS that simple.

I understand that it may create other difficulties or barriers in regard to expenses and/or logistics but again, as a parent...none of that matters above and beyond the well being of your child.

Good luck and please don't hesitate to join the forum!!
We are a super helpful bunch of men and women from all walks of life! It never hurts to know what child care is like in other areas of the country and from other people's perspectives. Both parents and providers.
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