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Originally Posted by Blackcat31 View Post
I would have a separate name for each program and advertise as such.

Business A
Teacher friendly child care. Only open during the school year! (No services available June 1- August 30)

Business B
Summer Camp/Care for school aged kids. K- Grade 5
Service only available from June 1-August 30)

Is that kind of what you mean?^^^ Not for advertising in regards to operating?

I think it's kind of a neat idea but I can see where you'd run into some issues during the first part of summer and then again at the end of summer when BOTH groups of children/families are needing care. Which age groups gets priority?
I'm rolling out this model beginning summer 2019, so I'll share in case this is helpful or you have feedback.

I was an elementary school teacher for many years, so I already tend to attract teachers. When parents inquire about spaces, I make sure to tell them I offer care that follows the school calendar, as well as a first-come-first-serve summer camp that requires advanced enrollment. I'm offering a mix of half and full days with specific themes/focuses, which I'll be officially sharing in a few months. In your case, I'd just say you offer care following the school calendar and, when it applies, share that you offer full-time summer camp for school-agers.

Although I'm not making the switch until next year, I want to get the word out ASAP because this will be great for some families, and terrible for others. I want families with schedules that work with mine to keep me at the top of their list.

Blackcat has a good point regarding the overlap of need. For example, here my school agers would need care beginning June 20 and my little ones need to stay with me until June 22. Similarly, although our school year doesn't start until after labor day, teachers often need to head back for professional development early. It is a small, but inconvenient window here, but something worth thinking about. If taking on extra kiddos isn't an option, perhaps offering names of back up providers or drop in programs is an option?
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