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Originally Posted by MelissaP View Post
I will probably not take on any school agers and be just a teacher friendly place. Not sure yet.

Personally, I think you should try it out!
SA kids aren't for everyone but those that do take them seem to enjoy them.

The first 10 years I was open, I allowed school teachers to take off the summer and not pay. I just held their spaces for free. I didn't even charge a deposit. I only charged them if they attended. No charge if they didn't attend all summer (not one day). Made up for the loss of income by taking in SA kids. Worked well.

Now, you couldn't pay me enough to do that. But only because I know my personal limits and know what my personal formula for happiness is and it doesn't include SA'ers.

BUUUUUUT it worked great when it did. I had my own SA kids so that helped alot. I was in the groove of knowing what SA kids needed and basically liked/disliked. Once my kids grew and left home, my tolerance and patience for that age simply dwindled and SA kids played no role in job happiness so I eliminated them from my roster and that was that.

So, I think you should atleast give it a whirl.... see what happens. See how much interest there is/isn't in your area. See if you really enjoy that age group or if they drive you to whimpering in the corner by pick up time. It's different for everyone. Depending on the kids/ can be a good or bad experience but either way, you'll know.

Better to know for sure than to just wonder.
Know what I mean?
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