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I don't have only teacher families, but I only take families who can work with the school calendar. I subtract breaks during the school year and about 10 days of the summer from my yearly tuition and then spread it over the entire year, so they pay me the same each week. I sell this as they are not technically paying for breaks, but it allows them to budget appropriately and allows me to keep a reliable income to keep the daycare up and running and fresh when they don't need me. I have found that teachers actually like to have 2-3 days a week in the summer to work on their classrooms or run errands without children so I do allow limited days during the summer since they are paying me the same no matter what. This gives me at least 2 days off during the week in the summer and a reduced load for the same paycheck. It has worked well so far. The only thing I haven't worked through yet is if a parent leaves mid-year, and they have already paid tuition spread over the whole year...but haven't run into that yet (fingers crossed!)
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