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This started out as something vent worthy but in the end is actually kind of funny....

DCD comes to pick up. DCM does 95% of all drop offs/pick ups but has something going on this week so DCD is doing it all. He's done it before and let's just say he isn't the sharpest tool in the shed but he's a nice enough guy...just doesn't seem to have a clue about parenting...(and this is #2 child). Child just turned 2 yrs old a few weeks ago.

Anyways DCD comes to pick up. DCK is ready to go. I change everyone and give them a little "freshen up" (wiping faces/hands and checking clothing) just prior to when I know they'll be picked up so everyone goes home fresh and clean.

DCD gets child. They are gone for about 10 minutes and he returns. I thought they maybe forgot something...

Nope. DCD comes in carrying DCK and says: "Miss BC, we've got a little situation here."

Me "Oh, what's wrong?"

DCD: "DCK had a blow out in the car and needs new pants"


I back away and say "DCK has extra clothing in their cubby basket" and I point towards the basket.

DCD looks a bit dumbfounded.
I just know he's waiting for me to take care of it.

He asks if I have a plastic bag and a few wet wipes....

I hand him a bag and assume he is going to change DCK.

Nope, he just stands there.

After a few minutes...he says "Well I suppose I can just take DCK home."

SO he scoops DCK up and walks back to the car.
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