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Just had someone no show for interview.
I called about 15min after their appointment time. Lady sounded annoyed at a call, I told her who I was and asked if she was still on the way or needed to rebook. She starts going off on me that we did not set a time just that on Monday she would be there after 6pm. I corrected her and told her no sorry we said 6pm, when I asked you you said 6pm. I asked if she would like to rebook, her answer was ok you just said to come sometime after 6pm. She did not choose to rebook because I told her no you need an appointment time we have family stuff we do and need to know what time.

I think she just expected to show up at some random time (who knows when) tonight and see the daycare. Because I know that's how appointments are done right, just show up anytime in the evening, daycare providers dont get to have a life.

Best part is all she wanted was pt and only like 2 days per week. I dont usually take pt but was going to say yes but keep advertising spot and let them know this. With covid it's been hard to fill spots, we are also at the tail end of a seconed lockdown but probably still have a few weeks to go before things start to open. So in reality I was not overly open to signing them up in the first place.

It sounds a bit like this should be a vent but it has me laughing.
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