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My wife and I had a son that was truly gifted. Gifted children are considered handicapped children because the “don’t” fit in in normal child environments. They need extra care which will be expensive.

All parents believe their child is special but the only way to find out if they are gifted is with a professional evaluation. Both you and the parents are not qualified to make that evaluation which can be life changing for the child and family.

We took our son to a gifted school where they gave him an IQ test. Once evaluated, we were told to find a Educational Psychologist who could use their results to find the best school for his needs going forward.

Here is part of our story;

I would suggest that you mention to the family that their child be professionally IQ tested. It will give them the truth on whether their child needs special learning while relieving you of that burden of proof.

Normal Childhood Comprehensive Developmental Milestones

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