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I'm not in the south but we've been watching the huge chain reaction crashes on highways down south. So awful! Please be careful and definitely prepare as best you can.

Our area (central MA) is facing the possibility of an ice storm Tuesday thru Wednesday. The only time I can remember having such a storm in our area was in 2008. It was unexpected so we weren't prepared at all for it. We went to bed that night not giving a second thought to the rain falling outside only to wake up to trees and wires down everywhere and no power/heat for over a week. It looked like a war zone outside. Our cellar flooded and we lost a lot of the dry goods we stored down there. We've had icing in this area before but never like we got during that storm! I'm crossing my fingers the predictions for this coming week are wrong. I'm not looking forward to dealing with another ice storm again! Stay safe!
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