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Originally Posted by Jo123ABC View Post
I comfort myself by knowing our cold makes most nasty bugs and snakes unable to live here. We also don't have to worry about hurricanes.
Every time someone asks me how I deal with such cold weather I always say something similar. No poisonous snakes, no poisonous spiders, no hurricanes, mudslides or anything weird like that.... Tornados can happen but they're very rare and wildfires are usually kept to the heavily forested areas and maintained but they are rarely the same type of threat they get in areas such as California.

Originally Posted by Josiegirl View Post
Blackcat, how do you function with dcks inside all day every day?? I'd go crazy.
Thank goodness for a WHOLE house... lol!

The sanity saver for me lately has been not following our regular routine and mixing it up a bit. Makes for a fun day and keeps boredom from settling in.

If the windchill ever gets back near single digits, we'll head outside but it's not looking like it will happen for atleast another week.
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