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Originally Posted by Blackcat31 View Post
How are you all holding up there?

I imagine cold temps and icy roads make for some interesting travel stories. Hoping none of your DCF's are "risking" travel if they don't HAVE to.

Here, school and most businesses are closed due to President's Day so I have a light load but I'd hate to see parents getting to your house for drop off but then unable to make it back for pick up.....
I am closed for Presidents Day. Had a physical scheduled but called to cancel and they are closed too. Most factories are also closed. My niece had her baby Saturday and came home yesterday. She only lives a mile away but I can't get to her. Hoping my bro comes to get me in his four-wheel drive to take me to see the baby. I have four wheel drive but not crazy about driving on the ice myself. I am closed Thursday to get the vaccine....hoping this doesn't get cancelled as the ice/snow has another round coming Wednesday.
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