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Originally Posted by Annalee View Post
I am closing tomorrow.....government/city offices in my county and the surrounding counties are closed as well. First responders are staying in town sleeping on cots to be available to help people. I find it crazy to open up and have over half my kids show up while parents go back home.
Oh my goodness! I hope you are all okay... It's scary when nature is acting all crazy and there is nothing you can do about it.

..... sad that so many parents would do that but I know as well as you do, that it's pretty normal.

This morning it was -36F (actual temp) with -45F windchill. School is closed for President's Day. I have 2 kids here with parents actually at work and 4 kids here with both parents at home with older siblings. I'll never be surprised at this but I'll never understand either.

Hoping the weather in your area subsides quickly....
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