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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
We get this crap every year. However, we are used to it. Power/Water outages extremely rare. We also drive very very slow when below 0 because sand and ice melt won't work in those temps. Having a 5 day deep freeze is unusual though. We finally getting up to 37* but more snow next 48 hours.

Sorry to those who had power outages and water outages.

And if you are not used to black ice /snow/slush or what not, definitely stay home. The pileup in TX was insanity (esp bc most were going way too fast for conditions). In the videos, the black ice was obvious to me because we deal with it but I think the people on that hwy thought it was just wet (a common mistake).
Our roads are covered in calcium chloride... works great but wreaks havoc on vehicles.

They use alot of sand too but mostly for traction not really for melting anything though.
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