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I have one SA plus my own dd. SA had a sibling in care. What kind of restrictions are you thinking about?

Here is some rules I have in place...

He must read for 20 minutes at the beginning of nap time.
He can not go into dd room for any reason.
He must shut the door when going potty.
He is allowed to bring his back pack but everything must stay in it, including outside food.
He does not get to use electronics unless it is for virtual school. (He signed an electronic agreement)
I guess I don't know what I mean by restrictions. Age restrictions? I'm curious if it's unusual for me to accept school age kids.

I'll take them if they have a sibling in care. I have a few parents that just assume that I'll take their school age kids, instead of asking me. I have a dcg who will be starting KG this coming year. Dcm told me last week that she would still like to keep 1 day a week next year (we have a 4 day school week). I explained to her that I only take school age if there is a younger sibling enrolled and she seemed upset. It wouldn't have worked out anyway because she only wants 1 day a week, but still. I did let her know that drop-in could be an option if I have availability.

So, it makes me feel like maybe it's unreasonable to think a daycare wouldn't take school age?

I just had a bad experience with a 2nd grader last year and most people don't want to pay for the spot when it's only being used X amount of hours a week anyway. I feel like I'm rambling. Ugh, I guess I want reassurance that it's not unusual for a home daycare to not want school agers.
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