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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Logged out for privacy.

I've got several kids around the same age, so I will be losing them around the same time to KG. I took a school ager last year, and it was just not a good fit for my group. It made me realize that once they hit elementary school, they've outgrown my program. I've decided that I will only continue care for school age kids if they have a younger sibling enrolled.

I'll be losing 2 this year. One will not be receiving care from me anymore as she has no siblings in care. The other one has a younger sibling in care, so I will continue care for him if mom wants to pay for it. Of course, she's going to have to pay the full rate if she wants him to have a spot - which I don't think she's going to want to do.

Just curious if you guys take school age kids and if you have any restrictions? I'm worried about losing so many kids at once and disappointing parents when I tell them that their child has outgrown my program and they won't be receiving care.
I used to care for SA while I had my own kids to put on the bus and bring back, but just as you said, once they go to kindergarten then no longer fit in the program, so I stopped
Now I care for 0-5, but very few last till they're 5yr, most kids fit well until 31/2 then I encourage parents to find better suited accommodations .
Stop taking SA kids is one of the best decision I've ever made for my program
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