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Once a child goes to school and their sibling remains in daycare, there are already two different care situations so I never even gave it a second thought when I stopped taking SA kids.

I never lost a single family when I made the change and most totally agreed with me when I explained that SA kids really didn't fit in too well with little ones and vice versa.

I started out with taking only the SA kids that had siblings here but that quickly became a PITA so I just drew the line and stopped taking them once they hit Kindergarten.

BEST move I ever made!
Thanks for this! I haven't told the other 2 parents yet that I would take their SA kids since they have siblings enrolled, so I may just do what you did and not take any SA at all. After reading what you wrote, I'm worried I will regret it.

Besides, I'm willing to bet that they are not going to want to pay for the spot anyway.
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