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I used to care for SA while I had my own kids to put on the bus and bring back, but just as you said, once they go to kindergarten then no longer fit in the program, so I stopped
Now I care for 0-5, but very few last till they're 5yr, most kids fit well until 31/2 then I encourage parents to find better suited accommodations .
Stop taking SA kids is one of the best decision I've ever made for my program
Do you give a reason to dcps why you don't take SA? I don't know how to explain they've outgrown my program without some pushback. When I told one dcp that last week, she told me that dck was behind anyway so she wouldn't be outgrowing anything :/ I just don't know how to explain myself if I get pushback. Parents don't understand the different dynamic it creates when you have SA with younger kids.
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