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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Do you give a reason to dcps why you don't take SA? I don't know how to explain they've outgrown my program without some pushback. When I told one dcp that last week, she told me that dck was behind anyway so she wouldn't be outgrowing anything :/ I just don't know how to explain myself if I get pushback. Parents don't understand the different dynamic it creates when you have SA with younger kids.
I explained that the SA quickly got bored and boredom usually meant trouble and that's no fun for them at all.

I also explained that SA kids need so much more than a structured day that was really meant for littles. In the summer SA kids need to be outside and playing with peers not being shushed all the time due to napping littles etc.

SA kids need a completely different type of set up than little ones.

Little ones need to have an environment free of butt jokes, alphabet burping and arm pit farts.

Win win for both age groups.
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