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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Do you give a reason to dcps why you don't take SA? I don't know how to explain they've outgrown my program without some pushback. When I told one dcp that last week, she told me that dck was behind anyway so she wouldn't be outgrowing anything :/ I just don't know how to explain myself if I get pushback. Parents don't understand the different dynamic it creates when you have SA with younger kids.
For me, it's not about the parents understanding or agreeing, I've done that the first few years and it just does not work. No, like it or not it is about me, and what I see fit for my program!
When a child demonstrate the need for something I do not provide, such as: more freedom/less structure, more stimulating environment, age appropriate playmates, outgrown nap etc, then I simply advise the parents to start looking for more appropriate accommodations for their child, and I let them know that "in the child's best interest I will not renew the contract when it expires, so that day will be the child's last day no matter what the parents choose to do.
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