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Default How to Show Appreciation?

So I was picking my daughter up, and then right as I'm trying to leave, my car won't start. I asked if I could have a jump and her husband gave me a jump, but my car still wouldn't start. Then I ended up having to call a tow. While they couldn't let me into their house due to covid regulations, they took care of my daughter for an extra hour and a half past when they normally close and fed her dinner which was a HUGE stress relief as I got to deal with calling the tow company and running car diagnostics and my daughter got to play with their kids and eat dinner rather than scream in the car seat as I did those things.

Even aside from this I am thrilled with the social and educational activities they are doing with her. I was telecommuting and watching her at the same time before (since covid) and it involved way too much tv and not enough peer interaction and she seems so much happier now (she is 4).

I thanked them profusely, but is there any other good way to show appreciation?
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