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I don't live in a city or have sidewalks so no time limits here. And as I said it won't stop someone from suing you, it may prevent any awards as they acknowledged they know I'm unable to clear the sidewalks and driveway while adequately caring for/supervising children. I hate to see people advising publicly that waivers are worthless because again, while they won't stop a law suit they may prevent it from getting anywhere or awards being made.
Do what you want, but when you lose your property you'll know why. Certain things you can't waive away. Like I knew someone who had a sign about their dog. I forgot the wording, but it basically said keep off of their property because the dog will attack you. Someone went on their property and got attacked. The got a cash settlement and the dog was put down. There's a lot of things you can't waive away. (I know that isn't a waiver, but you get the jist.) A judge isn't going to the same logic you do. The judge (if ruling against you) would say you should have hired a service or close for the day if you're not able to clear the space. You can't, and the parents, waive the rights of a minor. Let's say the waiver prevents and injured parent from suing you for their injuries, they can sue for their child(ren)'s injuries. I'm not trying to argue, but this is really a serious matter.
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