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Oh, and I want to be very clear about what I am referring to - I am not talking about waiving liabilty if someone is hurt on my property for medical bill. If someone falls and breaks their leg on my property I know I am liable. My liability insurance would cover the costs of their medical bills. I am not referring to that.

I am specifically speaking of being sued for additional damages. Again, waivers aren't bullet proof and any sign of negligence may make them void. In my example of driving the kids, if, heaven forbid, we were hit by a drunk driver, and a child was injured, it might be my insurance that pays out for medical, etc. (maybe the other drivers insurance) but again, I'm specifically speaking to be sued by parents after the fact. My waiver would show that they acknowledge their child would be riding in my car, and had their persmission to do so. Again, if I was negligent (kids not in car seats, or in inappropriate seats) the waiver wouldn't help me. In any case I would rather have it than not.
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