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Originally Posted by Essentialrose1 View Post
Once again thank you. The kid is 13 months not 2. She's still on formula & a bottle coz she's giving mom a hard time with solids. We are still spoon feeding her baby food. & doing it without a problem to make mom happy. But know that if we were allowed to give her more exposure she'd probably progress. I will take your advice no bottles in pack n plays. I understand why my staff did it. Since she crawls around with her bottle & if she puts it down some other kid will take it. I'll see if mom can accept us trying to put it in her sippy cup. At first she was hesitant.
I would check your regulations and see if there is anything saying children with bottles have to be held. If so, you could use that when talking to mom. I had to just make a policy on the 12 months, no bottles thing. I just couldn't keep giving every parent "special". If they want to call the shots, I tell them they need a nanny.
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