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Oh my god

Why is it, so FREAKING hard, to remember to pay every Friday for daycare? You do it every week, the same amount......why can't you think "Hey, it's Friday and I'm picking up my kids - now would be a good time to pay my provider for all the hard work she does?"

It's two weeks into the new year and of my parents have been late last week and this week. I've had to issue late fees for each parent and, of course, every parent through a fit and claimed they thought they had all day to pay on Fridays.

I made over $200 extra from just late fees and I'm still so frustrated. I had to ask for extentions for my cable and phone bill and I've never had to do that before because with MMK I don't get my money until the following Friday.

I conducted this email and sent it to each parent:

Dear Families,

FINAL WARNING: Tuition Payments are due every Friday by 6:00pm. Failure to pay for tuition on time will result in termination of child care services.

Parents are highly encourged to participate in Auto-Pay with

Thank you,

I have a large Waiting List and I am prepared to start dropping families if I have to charge 1 more late fee. I will miss the kids like crazy but I will not be late on another one of my bills.
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