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But the point is how will the provider ever learn to care for your baby if you're there? If you don't trust her than don't choose her. I've never had anyone stay for 4hrs when leaving their baby here. That's usually done during the interview process and maybe a couple hours here and there before starting FT, but never had anyone stay 4hrs. The reason the provider is ok with it is probably because she only has her child to care for. If she had other children it may not be ok as I don't know how many parents want random strangers around their kids all day plus for liability reasons many people wouldn't allow it.
I never considered it not trusting someone; just considered it training someone on how to help my lo. I've never started a job without training even if it was just to train me on that company's policy. I don't mean to say that a seasoned provider would need training per se. I probably insulted someone again. lol. But there are subtleties for my lo that I thought would be easier if I were there. I really actually thought it would make it easier for the provider. But I can see how that was a misconception. Although my current provider was very receptive to my being there a couple hours and I know she was not slighted in the least. There aren't any other kids there, though, and I can see how it would be difficult with other kids there.