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Originally Posted by craftymissbeth View Post
I started reading it at nap time and I'm hooked! I've never really read many Stephen King books, but I'm REALLY liking this one. I'm a speed reader so I skim more than I actually read, if that makes sense. He's got me slowing down and paying attention to every detail.
Oh, yeah...if you are a skimmer you need to stop.

Stephen King is HIGHLY regarded for the details. If you read any more of his books, you will see "little connections" to other books he wrote.

I believe he is a good writer because of those little sucks you in.

When you are done, I can recommend other books of his that are TOTALLY worth reading.....

I just read a "day-reader" (well I call it a day-reader because I can read it in a day) of his called "Joyland".... OMG!....I could NOT put it down and read it in a single afternoon.

My mom is a huge Stephen King fan (even got to meet him) so I've been reading his books since I first learned to read.
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