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Originally Posted by daycarediva View Post

My goal is under 10 seconds. 2 minutes? You're all dead. Fire is MUCH faster than you can possibly imagine.

We have a stocked emergency bag by the front door. It contains parent contact info (doubt I will rush to get my cell from it's designated location in a true emergency). Snacks, diapers, wipes, blankets.

Shelter in place is a closet and contains special treats, quiet games, bubbles, etc.

We are required to do monthly fire drills. Even in winter I pull the alarm randomly and they all RUN to the entry carpet. The door helper throws the shoe cubby outside as everyone else grabs their own coat. Under 10 seconds. We get dressed outside in a true emergency.

Shelter in place drills are every 6 months. I HIGHLY doubt we would ever need to actually shelter in place (rural area, not too exciting here) BUT we practice anyway. To the kids, it's just fun and they get a sucker.
I have an emergency cell in my go bag... I have limited minutes (Track phone); it's there if I don't have time to grab my regular cell; It's also why you keep a copy of the emergency cards in the bag.
See I do infants... no chance they or I could grab coats in winter - the reason for silver emergency blankets in the bag
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