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More like ramblings than venting but stuff on my mind that I want to write out.
Rambling thought 1: I have two clients who are having babies and I have agreed to have both babies start in August. I usually have everyone renew contracts at the start of September so the older kids will have new contracts in Sept and the babies contracts will start in August. I want to raise one family's rate because it is $70/week under what I charge new clients. Baby is going to be on new rate and will have a $50 sibling discount bring baby's total to $20 over sibling's total. I want to raise sibling's total $20 so it's even with baby's. I feel like the timing on this is bad because they know they'll have two kids to pay for soon but I'm sure have no idea that come Sept they'll be paying more for kid 1 too nor that baby will actually be higher than first kid. The other family I'm leaving at the lower rate because I already told her what the rate would be and I don't go back on my word though I'm kicking myself for the way I phrased it.
Rambling though 2: I've been doing lots of reading starting with why we have to give kids so much peanut butter when less still equates to meat by way of protein at least with the brand I get. So with all my reading I find that we get way more protein than we need and that veggies (potatoes, lettuce, carrots) all have the protein we need and more than enough. I also found that milk leaches calcium from the body so it does no good for calcium intake and is completely unnecessary past getting it from mom. So I've decided to stop drinking milk and eating most meats (especially since most sources have hormones and such that I've been trying to get away from anyway). Further into this craziness of mine I've discovered that the gov't is paying me to continue to feed kids meat and milk not because it's proven healthy for the kids but because it helps the meat, milk, and oil companies who in turn help the gov't officials. Seems to me like we've turned into a gov't by and for the corporations rather than by and for the people. Many many myths came to light in my searches for increasing my health and the only thing keeping me from changing the kid's diet is that I wouldn't get reimbursed and still depend on that money.
Rambling thought 3: My kids (all daycare kids) have gotten a bit too dependent on my involvement to stay out of trouble and really play. The older ones just sit around waiting for me to be in the room so they can talk to me about things they've already told me. The younger ones stuff toys into every crevice they can find and hang on the older ones for attention. Go play just sends one kid into tears like it's the worse thing in the world. While I'm making lunch the kids get withdrawn from each other and wander around aimlessly not really playing and not talking to anyone. I only have one great talker all the rest are learning. I keep trying to get the best talker to go tell her stories to the other kids and that just leads to her being withdrawn. Worries me a little bit as to how she'll be when the two babies start and are occupying my time considerably.
Rambling thought 4: I must be doing something right since all my families love me and I'm full as I want to be as I'll have 6 full timers when the babies start and possibly still have 2 waiting for when I have an opening for their kid.
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