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Default I HATE pacifiers, binkys, suckers etc...

I have one 2yr old that only gets a paci at nap but insists on trying to climb the highest mountain to get it throughout the day. He's a bear in the morning and comes in sucking on one so mom can get him out the door. As soon as he comes in I take it and it's meltdown city. Every time since August. I want to start cutting them (paci). Drives me nuts!!!

I also have a baby (4 mo) that needs one every minute of every day regardless. If it falls out when she sleeps it's screaming bloody murder. So far every half hour it sounds like she's being murdered cause it falls out. She can't do tummy time or she screams. Doesn't do anything without it. Only time she's happy is when she's sucking on it or the bottle. Ate 4 oz for me today (she's been here 7 hrs) and just wants the paci.

Please if you see me, kidnap me!!!
"Being a parent is wanting to hug and strangle your kid at the same time".
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