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Originally Posted by krissy_mo View Post
U know, we buy everything thrift store.... don't have cable tv, don't spend a lot of money except for housing, food, etc... shoot, we don't even have a car payment right now.... however, with old cars, we have to start thinking about potential repairs....

I just want to be able to be an old-fashioned stay home mom... I home school and I want to be able to have enough gas money to run to the park once or twice a week. That's it!

My gripe is how the economy doesn't support old-fashioned ways of living now a days. It just shouldn't be REQUIRED that we have two income houses. We are great providers and all, but really, look at the state of the country and our kids these days....

Maybe we are missing being home with a GOOD mom and being raised in a family with old-fashioned values. Maybe the whole Dad gets home from work at five or six and the family eats dinner together thing is so vital that taking those roles away has been the biggest cause of the decline of our country....

Just a thought....

now, since I AM trying to stay home... some one tell me how to get my trash bill paid this week... while still having enough left over for Christmas dinner..... any suggestions????

I know this is an older post, but I agree with it so much I just had to say that I wish there was a "like" button on here!!!!
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